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DIY Vyshyvanka Jacket

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I was so happy when we came up with a way to make the perfect vyshyvankka jacket, without all the time and effort of doing it manually. We simply added a gorgeous piece of fabric to an existing jacket!  What’s even better is that we used fabric from a bag I had bought while travelling to Ukraine but you can use your old clothes.

 Read on to see how.


You need:

  • a jacket
  • brightly coloured fabric 
  • ribbon
  • scissors
  • needle and Thread or Sewing Machine
  • glue


1. The first thing we did was remove the piece of fabric front the bag we had.



2. We then laid it out on top of the jacket – it fit perfectly which was a bonus.



3. We cut away the excess fabric and kept it to use later



4. We then pinned the edge of the excess fabric underneath facing the inside of the jacket


5. Using a machine (you can also hand sew or even glue), we attached the piece of fabric onto the back of the parka jacket.



6. We then took the access piece of fabric and cut it in half and then pinned it into place over the pockets


7. We hand sewed the piece of fabric through the inside of the pocket so that the pocket was still functional.


8. We then took some ribbon in a matching colour to cover existing details of the jacket which we didn’t love.





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DIY Vyshyvanka Jacket

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